Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas: All Things Red To Turn Up The Heat

Roses are red and so are luscious scarlet lips and fiery, sexy lingerie.

With just a few days to go until Valentine’s Day, your time is running out to get your loved one the perfect gift.

Of course, you can stick to buying those kitsch teddy bears holding a heart or a single long-stemmed red rose. Or you can put some effort into your gift shopping and get her something special.

Sure, Valentine’s Day gifts can be corny sometimes, but if you give her something she can actually use, while sticking to the traditional colour of love, you’re already winning.

Here are a few gift ideas for different kinds of women. From the ones who love keeping fit to the ones who enjoy creating scrumptious dishes.

For the kitchen goddess

Red Le Creuset Casserole dish: The versatile buffet casserole goes from the oven to the table for serving beautifully, while the cast iron retains the heat and keeps the food warm throughout the meal. The shallow, wide base of this dynamic pot allows maximum contact between the food and the heat, resulting in perfect paellas and delicious sauces.

Shower her with sweet perfume

Scarlet Dreams from Mr Price: 100% babe. 100% unstoppable. Think of this as your ride or die fragrance on your daily hustle. A fresh take on fruity florals like rose, jasmine, bluebell, mixed in with green apple, cedar and wood notes, prepare to set a few hearts on fire with this one.

Make her smile with chocolate (no it’s not corny)

Woolworths Dark Chocolate Liqueur Soaked Cherries: It’s chocolate and cherries. Need I say more.  Whole, plump, sun-ripened European cherries are soaked in a liqueur bath for 14 days. Each cherry is then hand placed into a 57% cocoa solid dark chocolate shell and paired with a creamy cherry fondant.

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