Uzo Aduba and Netflix to launch a book club

Uzo Aduba and netflix book club

Uzo Aduba, a Nigerian-American actress, has been cast as the host of Netflix’s new virtual book Club series.

The ‘But Have You Read the Book?’ series, hosted by Uzo Aduba, will include announcements of monthly book titles coming to the streaming service, as well as discussions about the adaptation process with actors, artists, and writers over a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

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Each episode will be centered on films that have been adapted for the streaming platform. Don’t be shocked if your favorite Nigerian novels appear in the series, such as “Swallow,” which is presently available on Netflix, Wole Soyinka’s “Death and the King’s Horseman,” and Lola Shoneyin’s “The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives.”

The three-time Emmy winner and star of “The Orange is the Upcoming Black” expressed her enthusiasm for the new show:

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#NetflixBookClub We’re starting the official @Netflix Book Club and this bookworm is going to be your host! Join us in dissecting the beloved stories that started on the page and then made it to Netflix. So read, watch, then let’s talk!”


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“Before these stories became pop culture phenomenon, they were first your favourite books,” she says in the Netflix Book Club teaser. “And if you ever wondered how a beloved story goes from page to screen, then you’re invited to Netflix Book Club.”

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