“Use your head, stay humble” – Singer, Benkrezt schools Portable after Headies disqualification

Singer Portable

Singer, Benkrezt has schooled controversial fast-rising singer, Portable for his nonchalant and careless behavior.

Portable who was disqualified by the organizers of the Headies 2022 for his claim of being involved with a notorious armed robbery gang called the ‘1 million boys’.

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Rather than be remorseful about the disqualification, Portable took to his Instagram page to brag about his worth.

In a video posted on his IG, Portable stated that he had fans, and people who will vote for him.

“I gat people, I know people, I got fans, I got 1m fans, Akoi competition, no ripping, ema fo owo ra award. What belong to me wouldn’t pass me by God’s grace. I got fans, my fans will fight and vote for me”.

In a follow-up post, Portable shared a video of him and his wife as he affirmed that he doesn’t regret his actions.

“I got talent I got God I got money I got fame I got wife I got children. God bless my family, I got motor, I got house, I don’t regret my actions”.

Lashing out at him, Benkrezt told him to never forget his root.

He noted how today he could be disqualified and tomorrow, radio could ban his songs.

Advising him to use his head, Benkrezt told him to apologize for his action and stay humble.

“Today Dem disqualify you. Tomorrow your song no go play for radio, that is the end of Solomon grandy. Use your head brother and stay humble pls don’t forget your root!

Always remember sey na people come together make sure u blow. The same people fit still come together make sure u frustrate. No feel sey u don big pass your helpers. Remain humble & think wisely”.

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