Unique Facts You Need To Know About Helen Paul

Helen Paul is one of the realest comedian, Nigeria has ever produced. She doesn’t fake it, doesn’t form it, but creates humor effortlessly both on stage and on social media. For this she stands out in the industry; she is unique. Here are a few things to know about Helen Paul:

Helen Paul
Helen Paul

Helen Paul, also known as Tatafo, was born on May 1, 1983, in Lagos, Nigeria. Read also: Basketmouth against my growth in comedy industry – Comedian, Destalker alleges

She is a Nigerian comedian, singer, and actress.

She is a wife and mother, married to Femi Bamisile, and they have four children.

Helen Paul is a multi-talented individual, with experience in acting, singing, and stand-up comedy.

Her faith is important to her, and she is known for her inspiring and uplifting songs. Read also: Tekno created afrobeats – Comedian Koffi

In addition to her entertainment career, Helen Paul is also a professor.

She graduated from the University of Lagos.

She has ventured into entrepreneurship, opening a bridal and fabric boutique called Massive Fabrics and Bridals in Lagos in 2012.

She has since opened three other outlets of the boutique in different parts of Lagos.

In 2014, she opened the Helen Paul Theater and Film Academy, which includes a dance studio, a makeup studio, a recording studio, a rehearsal studio, a photo studio, and a library.

Helen Paul is a co-presenter of the show ‘Jara’ on DSTV African Magic.

She is a well-known media personality in Nigeria.

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