Ubi Franklin and Lilian Esoro: Things fall apart, the center cannot hold

When the going was good, Ubi Franklin and Lilian Esoro were the epitome of a love-struck couple. The two were the darlings of the social media as they regularly uploaded photos and made posts celebrating and serenading each other. But all that has changed since their marriage crumbled like a castle of snow melted by a vindictive sun.

Though the couple have a child to show for their one year of marriage, the two, especially Lilian, are doing everything possible to leave no one in doubt that the union is dead and buried.

Lilian has since dumped her wedding ring. She has also stopped acknowledging anything that connects her to the Tripple MG boss, such as the lounge he built in her name.

She did not stop there either as she has since taken the bold step of changing her Instagram profile name back to Lilian Esoro from the Lilian Esoro Franklin she was proudly using when things were rosy.

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