U.S. Elections: Shares in Asian Markets edge up at the Prospects of a Clinton Win

Shares in Asian markets – where it’s Tuesday already – have edged up as the prospect of a Clinton win looks more likely, Reuters reports:

Most Asian stock markets rose on Tuesday ahead of the election, with investors optimistic but cautious over improving prospects for a win by Hillary Clinton.

The Mexican peso, which strengthens as the perceived chances of an election victory by Donald Trump fall, retained its strong gains from Monday.

The dollar, which also advanced on Monday, edged slightly lower.

Boosting Clinton’s chances of winning, and markets globally, was a statement by the FBI on Sunday standing by its July finding that Clinton was not guilty of criminal wrongdoing in her use of a private email server.

That came after the FBI announced on 28 October it was reviewing additional emails relating to the server while Clinton was secretary of state, sending markets around the world tumbling.

Clinton is seen by investors as offering greater certainty and stability, and, until last week’s stumble, had been seen as the likely victor in Tuesday’s presidential vote.

But investors remained wary, noting Britain’s shock vote in June to leave the European Union had defied most polls and bookmakers’ odds.

“As markets head into the U.S. election, a final recalibration of risk is in train,” Michael McCarthy, chief market strategist at CMC Markets in Sydney, wrote in a note.

“Asia-Pacific markets were the first to adjust to the political shift, and may trade more modestly today after roaring back to life yesterday.”

We’ll be keeping an eye on markets in Asia and beyond as the votes are totted up on Tuesday (or Wednesday as it’s known in some parts of the globe).


Live Updates to follow.

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