Twitter Video Subtitles to Automatically Play When Clips are Muted, Rolls Out for Android and iOS

Twitter has introduced new video subtitles for its tweets, which will play automatically on a muted smartphone device and may also be toggled to stay on even when the sound is cranked up. The functionality is now being rolled out for both the Android and iOS platforms, with no special considerations or first OS to acquire the part.

Twitter Subtitles Automatically On for Muted Videos on Android, iOS

Twitter Now Lets You Add Subtitles To Videos / Digital Information World

Video captions and subtitles are now available on Twitter’s social media platform, with an emphasis on its automated toggle when the smartphone device is muted or has no audio. This function is now available for both the Android and iOS platforms, which means that all smartphone users may enjoy it right away.

It is vital to remember that the subtitles will play automatically and turn off when the volume is increased if the app’s default setting is retained. Twitter Support initially teased this functionality for the platform in July of this year, previewing the captions for voice tweets to have subtitles when automatically pushed to the feed.



Twitter Video Subtitles: How to Toggle it On?

According to Twitter, the feature may be toggled within the device’s accessibility settings, thus to enable the subtitle option, users need head to their Twitter app settings and look for “Accessibility.” Next, check for “Vision” or reading choices, and there should be a setting for video captions that viewers can toggle on or off.

Features of the Twitter App

The firm has developed a number of Twitter app additions in recent months in order to improve the usage and experience of the social media platform for billions of its daily users. It is already known that users cannot share a photo of another person without their agreement, with the tweet being screened and marked as flagged content.

Twitter’s most recent features include Disappearing Tweets, which are only viewable for a limited amount of time set by the user, Spaces, audio-only chat rooms, Search Tweets, and more. It was previously reported that Twitter is currently the most popular social networking platform, trailing TikTok but outperforming Meta’s brands, which are dealing with lawsuits and user disagreements.

The short-word social media platform is well recognized for providing users with numerous benefits and features that are beneficial in their daily use of Twitter. The use of social media is recognized for its fast-paced atmosphere in which people may live their lives by enjoying the many fascinating issues they follow as well as the company’s powerful media and entertainment.