Twitter to Add Feature That Will Let You Create GIFs Straight From the Camera on iOS

Twitter announced that iOS users can now create their own GIFs while using the Twitter app’s camera. When composing a new tweet on iOS, simply hit the camera button.

Then you can choose between a photo, a video, and an animated GIF. The GIF recording should not be very long, as it should just last a few seconds, but it will come in handy every now and again, especially if you find a recording you enjoy.

Twitter to Add Feature

Twitter Introduces GIF Option

According to 9to5Mac, after you record your GIF, you have the option of playing it front to back on loop or making it play like a boomerang like Instagram, which plays forward then reverse on repeat.

Because it is a GIF, it automatically saves to your camera roll as a GIF in your pictures folder rather than a video.

Twitter has introduced so many new features in the last few weeks that it’s impossible to stay up. Posting clips from Spaces, a possible impending spin on Instagram’s close friend’s list, and some timeline algorithm modifications are among recent updates that users may have missed.

According to The Verge, Twitter has not stated when the GIF feature would be available for Android, although the platform often releases new updates to Android users over time.

Clipping Tool for Twitter Spaces

Twitter began testing a new cutting tool for Spaces on March 19. Select iOS hosts can now extract 30 seconds of audio from recorded Spaces and share it with other Twitter users.

All iOS users may now see and listen to the clips on their Twitter timeline, and Android and web users will have access to the service soon.

In the future, the social media business intends to make the clipping functionality available to all users, not just hosts.

According to a Twitter representative, there is no limit to the number of audio clips that can be created, and they will remain on the platform for 30 days.

According to the spokesperson, everyone on iOS can currently watch and listen to Spaces snippets on their own timeline, and users on Android and the web will soon have access as well.

They will be monitoring responses and hope to make Spaces clipping capabilities available to all users on the platform in the near future.

The presenters will be able to make audio excerpts from recorded areas, which they will be able to distribute via a tweet that will also link back to the complete recording. The new tool allows hosts to increase interest in their Spaces while also emphasizing select aspects of a broadcast without having to publish the complete video.

Clubhouse, the social media audio app that is seen as a competitor to Twitter Spaces, will launch its clipping feature in September 2021. It enables live listeners in public spaces to record the last 30 seconds of audio and share it online.