Twitter Nigeria Goes Crazy Over ‘Wizkid Disrespecting 2Face’ Claim

Patoranking hosted his Wilmer album listening party, and many celebrities were in attendance, including Wizkid and 2Baba. At the party, Wizkid offered his hands to 2Baba, and the latter stretched out his hands to return the favour.

Some Nigerians on Twitter are arguing about the way Wizkid greeted 2Baba, and it all started with a certain Twitter user with the handle @IdBoss2. He admits that he isn’t comfortable with the way Wizkid greeted 2Baba.

He writes:

When we say Wizkid is arrogant, his fans will call us haters. How can you greet 2 baba like that🤦
To even see that he looked away after shaking pato, then 2 baba had to stretch his hand to shake him. SMH

Like we all know, this is the mentality of many Nigerians, that someone ‘older’ or ‘more experienced’ should be given ‘extreme’ respect, which is many times, not so necessary.

Therefore, many people were against that tweet, asking the user ‘what else should he have done?’ or ‘how else should he have greeted him?’. Read their comments:

Some reports also say that Wizkid actually bowed his head for 2Baba, so it wasn’t actually a disrespectful greeting:

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