Twitter for iOS now lets you dig up people’s tweets more easily

Twitter recently added a new feature to its iOS app that makes it easier to search for a specific user’s tweets. Previously, if you wanted to filter tweets by a specific person, you had to change the search term manually, but Twitter has added a button for easier access, as spotted by XDA Developers.

Twitter has long provided advanced search filters on its platforms, both desktop and mobile. This was done to allow people who wanted to narrow down their search by using more specific parameters to do so. One of those parameters was usernames, and there was both a field for directly searching usernames and a shortcut (from:username search term) that you could enter into the search bar.


Users of iOS can now do this without having to jump through hoops. It’s as simple as going to the profile of the user you’d like to search for and looking for the search icon on their profile page. Once there, all you have to do is enter the search term, and the user’s tweet history will be directly searched. If you don’t yet have the feature, the old shortcuts will continue to work.


Twitter has also provided a few additional options for mobile users. One of them is a useful tabbed layout that toggles between the algorithmic home feed and the latest tweets feed. Another change that restores image previews of Instagram links is a long-requested user feature that the company has only recently enabled. A downvote button, similar to Reddit, is still in the works. The company has enabled this on a small number of accounts as part of a test, but it has yet to be widely implemented.