Twitter for iOS Gets Ready for ‘Downvotes’ and Other New Features

Twitter for iOS is about to debut a new feature that will bring back something that YouTube recently removed: the dislike. With this, Twitter is introducing “downvotes,” a function that Reddit already has.

Twitter is introducing new features such as ‘Downvotes’ and ‘Reactions’

Twitter is getting busy this year, according to 9to5Mac, because the firm is delivering new features before the end of the year. In addition, the corporation is believed to have a slew of other surprises in store for customers.

According to reverse engineer Nima Owji, users may be coming closer to the release date of Twitter’s Reactions. The reactions feature has been in testing for a few months and is finally due to deploy soon, according to Owji, who discovered references to the new feature in Twitter’s code.

Twitter for iOS Gets Ready for 'Downvotes' and Other New Features

Twitter is getting four new reactions

Twitter now has four additional reactions: “thinking face,” “happy tears,” “clapping hands,” and a “sobbing face.” The functionality is intended to enable users better express how the chats make them feel and to provide them with a “better sense” of how the Tweets are perceived.

Nima also stated that Twitter is already capable of storing data related to the downvotes functionality, which is another indication that the function would be launched sooner rather than later. The reverse engineer also stated that the firm would change the position of the downvote button, making it appear before the like button.

Here is How the New Twitter Downvotes is Expected to Work:

Click on downvote

  • Twitter says that users who see a reply that doesn’t really seem relevant to the Twitter conversation can alert the app by using the downvote feature.

Downvotes remain unknown

  • Unlike Reddit, Twitter will be hiding the feature from public eyes. The author of the Tweet and others on the timeline won’t be able to see the downvotes.

Downvotes help make Twitter better

  • Feedbacks will help Twitter be able to prioritize higher quality content for users and anyone within Twitter.

Twitter users can select which replies they want to see

According to Nima, the new downvote option on Twitter will be linked to the Sort Replies feature for the time being. As the name implies, users can now choose whether to get all responses or only those that are relevant to them.

Twitter users will receive responses from people they follow as well as other responses that are likely to be of interest to them. Another option is for users to receive all responses, including potentially dangerous, smappy, or even offensive ones.


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