Twitter Content: How to Block Potentially Sensitive Tweets on the Platform

Twitter can now filter tweets containing potentially sensitive information and those with warning labels, even if you are retweeting them. Even if you’re using an iPhone or iPad, you can turn off the warning.

You can also remove any sensitive material warnings from your tweets without creating a private account.

Sensitive Content on Twitter

Twitter stated that the warning mark is for any potentially sensitive content. These materials may contain violence or nudity. According to HowtoGeek, Twitter is a social network with more themes and directions than Facebook.

According to The New York Times, while the social media platform’s sensitive media policy prohibits graphic media, media depicting sexual assault and unlawful content is not routinely red-tagged.

By default, the social media platform prohibits media that has a warning tag indicating that it contains sensitive material, that the profile is possibly sensitive, or that the series of media content is sensitive.

If you do not already have a Twitter account, you must sign up in order to alter the setting.

How to Unblock “This Tweet May Include Sensitive Content” on Twitter

Leaving out the Sensitive Content Warning

The platform’s privacy settings allow you to actively stop the alert concerning sensitive content. According to AdWeek, similar settings are also available on the Android app in the same location.

They are not, however, available in the Twitter app for iPad and iPhone. If you modify your Twitter web settings, the apps on your smartphone and other devices will display the content without any label or warning.

To disable the warning tag, go to the website and click “More,” which is symbolized by three dots inside a circle on the left side of the screen.

Select “Settings and Privacy” from the menu. Choose “Content You See” from the list of options on the left, then “Privacy and Safety.”

Tick the box next to the label that indicates the display media may contain sensitive content at the top of your screen to disable the warning when you tweet and browse for tweets.

How to Display Sensitive Content in Search Results

Tweets with sensitive information are hidden from Twitter searches, but you can allow them if you want.

You can follow the same procedures as before in the Twitter app for Android, however the setting is not available for iPad or iPhone.

To do so, go to the Twitter website and pick “More,” then “Settings & Privacy,” and finally “Privacy and Safety.”

Following that, click “Content You See” and then “Search Settings.” Check that the “Hide Sensitive Content” box is unchecked.

Getting Rid of the Warn Label on Your Tweets

To prevent Twitter from labeling your uploaded media as sensitive, go to “More” and then “Settings and Privacy.” Select “Privacy and Safety,” then “Your Tweets.” Uncheck the box that asks you to mark your tweet as containing potentially sensitive material.

The option is available on the web and in the Android app, however it is not available in the iPhone and iPad Twitter apps.

Twitter retains the right to disable this feature permanently for your account if you knowingly upload sensitive media without properly identifying it. That is why you are no longer able to disable it.

Twitter wants its users to feel at ease when using the network. Twitter launched the soft block tool for users last month.

Twitter has also included a security function that allows you to unfollow someone without telling them.