Twitter Bug that Logs People Out of iOS 15 is Being Investigated

Over the last few days, the Twitter app for iOS has been plagued by an unusual glitch. Several users have complained that the Twitter app is unexpectedly locking them out of their accounts.

Twitter says it's working on a fix for iOS 15 devices being randomly logged  out | iMore

Twitter for iOS

The glitch appears to be affecting iOS 15 users, and Twitter has acknowledged that they are looking into what happened.
Twitter’s Support team acknowledged that it is presently examining this issue in an update posted on November 24.

Twitter has announced that it is investigating a bug that is triggering unexpected logouts on iOS 15. They apologized for the inconvenience and promised to keep people updated on the status of the remedy.

According to the responses to today’s message from Twitter Support, the bug is affecting multiple users, many of whom claim to have logged on several times or more.

More information about the scope of this bug is currently unknown, although it affects people who use the Twitter for iOS app while running iOS 15. Users report getting locked out of their accounts numerous times each day with no reason.

Notably, the flaw appears to affect all of a user’s accounts. If you have many Twitter accounts, for example, this issue will arbitrarily and persistently log you out of all of them.

The Livestream Shopping Feature on Twitter

Livestream shopping is now part of Twitter’s e-commerce plans, and Walmart will be the first store to test the new platform.

Walmart invested in live shopping in 2020 by holding events on social networks such as TikTok and YouTube, and it will shortly present Twitter’s first-ever shoppable livestream.

On November 28, Walmart will launch a Cyber Deals live event on Twitter, where viewers will be able to watch a live broadcast, shop the highlighted products, and participate in the event discourse by tweeting.

The livestream will begin on November 28 and will allow Walmart consumers to shop from a variety of channels, including and the retailer’s Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube accounts.

The webcast will be hosted by Jason Derulo, a musician and creator. During a 30-minute variety program, he will introduce the audience to offers in electronics, home goods, fashion, seasonal décor, and more. According to Walmart, surprise special guests will also make an appearance.

Throughout 2021, Walmart has been expanding its support for livestream shopping. It held its first shoppable livestream in December of last year, when it collaborated with TikTok on its Holiday Shop-Along Spectacular event, just after its proposed investment in the video app fell through.

Following Trump’s executive order, which would have forced the sale of TikTok’s US operations, Walmart was interested in a transaction for TikTok. However, the courts ruled that Trump’s order was invalid.

Walmart stated at the time that the first TikTok live event was a success, with seven times more views than expected. It also assisted Walmart in increasing its TikTok follower base by 25%.

Though the business did not disclose the event’s sales results, it did hold a second TikTok livestream shopping event a few months later.