Twitter Blue to Expand to New Countries and Add New Features Such as Ad-Free News

On November 9, Twitter launched a new subscription service in the United States and New Zealand. People will be able to pay for services such as undoing a tweet and reading ad-free news items through the new service.

Twitter Blue subscription with Undo Tweet, Reader Mode launched in select  countries - Technology News

Twitter Launches New Service

Twitter Blue, the paid version, costs $3 or $4.49 NZD each month. According to CNET, the corporation began testing its service in Canada and Australia in June.

The move demonstrates how Twitter is experimenting with new methods to fund the site other than adverts and is gradually shifting its focus to news-related goods.

Sara Beykpour, Twitter’s senior director of product management, stated that the subscription service is aimed for those who use the site frequently on mobile devices, are early adopters of new features, or are news addicts.

Twitter, according to Beykpour, will always be free. Twitter Blue gives the platform’s most engaged and leaned-in users greater opportunities to tailor and control their experience, as well as exclusive access to Twitter’s premium services.

To access Twitter Blue, go to the profile menu and select Twitter Blue. According to The New York Times, the subscription service will appear at the top of the screen automatically.

After selecting that option, you will be taken to the settings page where you can add the tools you desire. This provides early access to features being tested by Twitter Blue, such as uploading 10-minute films and pinning a conversation to the top of your messages.

Twitter’s undo tweet function allows users to set a 30-second timer before posting a tweet so that they can erase it and repair any typos or other errors.

Users will also be able to personalize their platform experience with icons and themes. Tweets can be organized in a bookmark folder. The features you receive may vary depending on the type of device you use.

Twitter has stated that it intends to introduce additional features to its service as it learns more from its users. Twitter Blue is anticipated to expand to more nations in the coming months. The number of Twitter Blue subscribers was not disclosed by the social media business.

Articles with No Ads

Twitter, like other social media businesses such as Facebook and Google, has been working on a news-related product.

Twitter Blue users will be able to read ad-free articles from US publishers.

USA Today, The Washington Post, The Daily Beast, The Atlantic, BuzzFeed, Rolling Stone, Insider, and The Hollywood Reporter are among the news outlets.

If a subscriber visits a news website, the news site will be notified. According to The Verge, the company stated that it will divide its revenue with news outlets, but did not specify how much.

The company stated that its goal is to assist news producers in earning at least 50% more every visitor. It is more than they would have earned through advertising.

Subscribers will be able to check how much they are contributing to certain news sites using Twitter Blue settings in a section called “See Your Impact.”

Twitter Blue subscribers will also be able to view the most shared articles over the last 24 hours. According to the firm, the stories are ranked depending on the number of individuals that shared the story in the timeline.