Twitter and Instagram Finally Make Link Previews Work Again

Twitter has now started displaying previews of Instagram connections.
One of the feuds between the two social media platforms has been put to rest.

To view what you’ll get from an Instagram link in Twitter, you don’t have to tap it. In its official apps and on the web, Twitter has begun to roll out preview cards for Instagram links.

When you tap on a link shared by someone on Instagram, you’ll receive a thumbnail of the imagery you may expect. You may be able to tell if a photo is worth liking without ever leaving your Twitter timeline.

The decision brings an end to a long-standing conflict. Instagram’s photo integration with Twitter was discontinued in 2012, and neither social media platform has had a compelling need to use preview cards in the years thereafter.

Twitter would prefer that you upload photographs straight to their platform, whereas Instagram has a vested interest in keeping you on its platform.

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Those concerns don’t appear to be a major issue at this time.

It’s unclear why the decision was made. Instagram has been contacted for comment. If you’re a social media user, it’s good news in any case: there should be less guesswork and more attention for your posts.

It was predicted that it would never happen… TODAY is the first day of previews for Twitter Cards.

Now, when you share an Instagram link on Twitter a preview of that post will appear.

— Instagram (@instagram) November 3, 2021