Twitter Allows users to Pin Conversations at the top of the Screen for Direct Messages

Users can pin up to six favorite conversations in the Direct Messages tab to keep them at the top of the screen whenever they view messages in the app. The feature will assist in ensuring that important and famous people or organizations get access to messages or read them. This eliminates the need for users to scroll or scan the DMs in search of a consistent conversation buddy.

Twitter Direct Messages: Pin Conversations Above the Screen

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Twitter Support has announced the addition of a new feature for Direct Messages: the option to pin up to six conversations above the app’s screen. However, the extensive functionality will also be available in the platform’s desktop or browser versions, which implies that pinned convos will only be visible on distinct setups.

The pinned conversations will not only remain at the top of the screen with the person’s account icon, as seen on iMessage and other pinned chats. Twitter will highlight it on the DM list, with a quick preview of the most recent message sent to or from the people participating in the conversation, as visible on the list.

Twitter’s New Feature: Focusing on Accessibility for Users

The feature is an accessibility option that gives users more flexibility over how they use their apps or engage with others on social media platforms. Twitter Support also handles complaints from users who do not receive the functionality in their inboxes after using the social media network.

Users can share case codes here for the Support team to review and troubleshoot for them.

Twitter’s Latest Feature

The well-known short-word social networking platform introduced its latest feature, which allows users to keep their preferred discussions visible on the screen rather than getting lost in the plethora of chats available. The social media company’s numerous features focus on introducing accessible features for users, such as the DM feature via the tweet itself.

However, it is not the only hot feature available on Twitter’s platform right now, as it introduces a long-awaited function that has already appeared on other platforms such as Reddit and YouTube.

The feature is the “Downvote” tool, which allows users to submit a negative evaluation when they believe a tweet is damaging or unappealing to them. It conveys the impression that it is unsatisfactory rather than having a “heart” or like reaction only.

Many of Twitter’s features have been heavily used by users. It introduced the world to a fast-paced social media experience that became a source of amusement and online connection. The components it provides just add to the many that Twitter already has, and it will eventually surpass Twitter as one of the top social networking networks to use.

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