TuFace Idibia speaks about his music and more…

2Baba spoke recently about his life, music and more.

“I have heard people say that I have mentored them, I would like to say that I am just doing my own thing and I am trying to grow and if you see the positive ways that I am following, follow it.

“I’m human, many things take place in people’s lives so I want them to follow my good example.

“We have quality video directors, producers in Nigeria but in terms of logistics, power and cost, it is better to shoot outside the country. You get everything in one place but apart from that reason, I think we shoot quality videos in Nigeria.

“I am impressed and scared at the same time. I am impressed at the quality of the sound, they are so many guys coming out that are serious and are taking the music business serious.

“We have so many professionals springing up but what I am scared of is the message and the direction because lately, most of the message and the direction is creating this fantasy world where everybody thinks they can hammer without working or following the due process.

“There is no harm in doing entertaining music because entertainment is versatile. I am not trying to bring down somebody but what I am trying to say is that there should be a conscious effort not to make everything about partying or money without any moral guidance.

“What I am scared about is that this message is sinking into our youths these days and they think it is all about flexing and that is not what life is all about.”

“It’s growth, I have evolved from that small boy to this man that is sitting here right now so it’s just growth.”

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