Trendy Cartoonish Red Boots: All We Know About It

Its no secret that most fashion trends are started by celebrities after which their thousands and millions of fans imitate. However no one could imagine people imitating this cartoonish red boots considering the fact that the boots are not pretty looking.

Over the years New York Fashion Week has produced the best street styles as designers know how to capture the minds of attentive audience.

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During New York Fashion Week, the enormous boots were spotted on famous people and street style icons. On Dorian Electra, who dressed them with a graphic coat, small skirt (to fully reveal the shoes), and a coordinating red beret, street style photographer for Vogue Phil Oh photographed them.

TikTok celebrity and model Wisdom Kaye styled them with sports shorts, while model Sarah Snyder wore a shiny red skirt and white tights. Everyone appeared to agree that the statement boots should take center stage (and it would be hard not to). A few celebrities have worn them as well, outside of the fashion world. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, a basketball player, wore them to the arena before a game, while Diplo wore them to see a concert.

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Given how strange and impractical the footwear is, it’s surprising to see how quickly—and widely—the fashion world has jumped on them, and that’s before they’ve even been published. They need a lot of effort to put on and take off, as seen in a number of TikTok videos. They are undoubtedly a commitment to wear. But if there’s one thing that fashion enthusiasts adore, it’s a gimmick, and this season, these boots were the talk of the town. Points are awarded for taking a chance by wearing them. Yet, we have a sneaking suspicion that by next season they’ll be as outdated as a Nintendo 64.

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