Trending Shoes for 2023

Shoes are something that can never go out of trend instead it will evolve to what will be better for the next generation.

I know you will be wondering what will be trending come 2023, if they will be able to produce shoes that can help you fly, well, I can’t really tell about the flying shoes but one thing for sure is the type of shoes coming out 2023 will be more fashionable than what we have in 2022.

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In this article I will be giving a list of shoes that will be trending come 2023, so keep scrolling.

Designers Rainboots

This will look way better than the once we are used to, as with this one you can actually wear it out as a footwear not just when its raining.

Metallic Boots

Metallic boots make a statement for themselves as they seem to go with just anything; skirts, pants, gowns you name it!

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Pencil heel boots

Black leather boots with slim heels will be the most popular style in 2023. Wearability is crucial for this style—the heel height itself shouldn’t be excessively high! Choose a boot with a kitten heel height instead. When worn with long dresses and skirts, this look is stunning.

Exaggerated Heels

The heels are a bit different than most heels and give the feet in a primitive shape which may even look uncomfortable but I guess fashion is the best teacher.

New Balance RC 30

Shoes made by New Balance aren’t your typical sneakers. To begin with, the body is composed of suede and has a gentle lavender color. Of course, the shoe’s exposed wide tread is its prominent feature (which will also help prevent the suede from getting dirty). This pair is undoubtedly intended more for casual wear than for athletic use.


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