Travis Scott denies hanging out with his ex-girlfriend

Travis Scott, an American music star, has debunked a rumor that he was hanging out with his ex-girlfriend, as claimed by a social media user who posted a blurry on-set video clip to back up the claim, glamsquad reports.


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The singer was seen on the set of a music video he’s directing in a video shared on Instagram by a woman named Rojean Kar, who he allegedly hooked up with before he and Kylie Jenner met and started dating.




The video made it appear as if Rojean was only a few feet away. “I’m directing obviously,” she joked in her caption.



Travis, on the other hand, has denied any knowledge of her presence on the set. He also refuted claims that they were having an affair.



He penned;



“While I was directing a video, an uninvited guest was taking photos on what was supposed to be a closed set. This is the last time I’ll say it. I’m not acquainted with this individual. I’ve never met this person.”



In her video, she also claimed to have spent Valentine’s Day with Travis, which he refuted by posting a photo with a dismissive caption.






Travis’ denial appeared to irritate her, as she posted a video saying the rapper is a liar and claiming to have receipts proving they once dated.


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While Rojean has yet to release the receipts, it should be noted that Travis never publicly declared their relationship when they were first linked in 2013.



There were also rumors that she was at the heart of Travis and Kylie’s 2019 divorce, but even Rojean denied this.