Top Viral TikTok Challenges Of The Year 2021

2021 is indeed fun! As a lot of social media challenges came our way.

However, here are the top challenge that trended;

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1. Focus challenge

This amazing song that was produced by Ajimovoix had a lot of people dancing and moving to the beat as it went viral on tiktok and became a trend.

2. Wife material challenges

Hypemen took their job to another lever this 2021 with creative mixing of songs, wife material was one of them.

3. Silhouette challenge

Another insanely provocative dance challenge that is distinct for its red light filter. This challenge got life from Paul Anka’s 1959 song; “Put Your Head On My Shoulder.” Participants in the challenge take a spot against a light backdrop which then puts the outline of their [naked] body in focus, bathed in the red light filter.

4. Crate challenge

Though this challenge got ban, but before it did it was the talk of 2021 as people were stacking crates so high only to walk on it; which is dangerous by the way.

5. Alcohol challenge

After Joeboy released his melodious jam, “Alcohol,” it looked like it was going to be another hit song beautifully popularised by a TikTok challenge. The trend here was for participants to drench themselves in alcohol or other drinks but things soon got messy and weird when people began to upturn substances like palm oil, liquid soap, antiseptic liquid, etc on themselves. Joeboy had to plead with fans to quit the messiness and stick to the challenge in a healthy, responsible manner.

6. You want to bamba

December came with this amazing beat by Goya Minor & Nektunes put an Amapiano as it took an amazing turn.

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