Top 6 Women With Bigger Body Parts Than Usual

The world is filled with a lot of strange things, while some undergo operations to increase or diminish certain body parts, some people are born with larger or bigger body parts than the normal person. These peculiar aspects of their bodies are what make these folks famous.

In this article I will be listing top six (6) persons with unique body parts, so keep reading.

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1. Samantha Ramsdell

Samantha who got into fame due to her wide mouth. According to Samantha, her mouth is 4 inches.

2. Redmila Yusupova

Russian model Redmila Yusupova is known as “the snake” because to her incredibly lengthy tongue. She currently holds the record for having the longest female tongue, measuring 11.8 cm (4.6 inches) from her top teeth to her jaw.

The Russian woman now has over 100,000 followers on Instagram alone, thanks to her lengthy tongue and attractive looks.

3. Maci Currin

The world record for the longest legs is now held by Maci Currin, a 17-year-old American from Texas.

The adolescent’s legs measure 6 feet 10 inches in length. Her legs alone are taller than her mother in her entirety. The adolescent claims that she was bullied because she was taller than everyone else, but she no longer gives a damn about it.

She achieved a global record thanks to her leg, and she now has over 1.7 million followers on tiktok alone.

4. Eudoxie yao; grin

A well-known African musician, model, and social media influencer is Eudoxie Yao. Her hip is one of the biggest in the entire planet. Her broad hip measures 152 cm in circumference (60 inches).

The model asserts that she was born with that hip and that no surgery for aesthetic reasons were performed on her.

She is particularly well-known for her friendship with Grand P, the smallest tapper in the entire globe.

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5. Allegra Cole

American model Allegra Cole is 52 years old. She is the owner of the largest fake chest in the world record. Allegra has undergone 3 surgeries to achieve this title. She has also spent a total of $75,000 over the three operations she’s had. Her bosom is an incredible 130 cm (4.3ft) when measured around and the model has often made it known that she wants to make it bigger.

6.  Maria Oz

Maria Oz from Ukraine has amazingly huge eyes. Fans widely admit that her eyes are the biggest in the world. Some have even called it fake but it’s infact not fake. Maria said she got her big eyes from her father who has big eyes also

Maria, who is now a model, has made fame because of her unique facial attributes. The pretty lady now sits on over 130,000 followers on Instagram alone.


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