Top 6 Facts You Should Know About Officer Woos, Nigerian Comedian

Officer Woos, is a Nigerian comedian and skit maker born on December 21, 1993 in Lagos State. Offer woos’ mother’s name is Alhaja Romoke Bilikis, and he comes from a Muslim family. He is an ardent Muslim, glamsquad reports.


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Officer Woos rose to prominence after appearing in several videos as a police officer alongside Broda Shaggi.

The two met at the University of Lagos, where they both studied and graduated in 2018. Officer Woos was a member of Broda Shaggi’s drama troupe, ‘The Stage Addict,’ back in high school.


Prior to joining Broda Shaggi and adopting the alias Officer Woos, he was known as ‘Inspector OG,’ and his coworker at the time was Edgar Eriakh.

Officer Woos founded the slang ‘GOD NO GO SHAME US’ sweatshirts in 2020. He also appeared in Season 2, Episode 9 of the RedTV drama series Inspector K, as well as the film Inspector K.


Officer Woos is a married man. Officer Woo’s wife is unknown at this time. Officer Woos is a frequent user of social media, where he connects with and entertains his legions of fans.


Officer Woos can be found on Instagram (@officerwoos), Facebook (@officerwoos), and YouTube (@officerwoos).

The comedian’s net worth is estimated to be $100,000 USD. His sources of income include social media advertisements, revenue from YouTube via Google Adsense, payment for movie roles, and many more.