Top 5 Tips for Upcoming Artists on How to Stay Relevant in the Industry

The music industry is always changing, making it more and more difficult for musicians to remain relevant in today’s society. Some artists, on the other hand, are able to retain a stable position in an ever-changing world. So, how do singers like Davido, Wizkid manage to keep appearing on the music scene year after year?

Here are five strategies that today’s hottest musicians employ — either purposefully or unwittingly — to stay relevant in a market that is always changing.

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1. Be aware of your target audience’s demographics.

Young people who are coming of age are a boon to the music industry since they are constantly on the lookout for new, relatable sounds. By being aware of who your target audience is, such as teen fans, you can ensure that the music you write will resonate with that group of listeners. Generally speaking, listeners are looking for music and lyrics that they can relate to; if you can supply this, if you can communicate with them through your music, you will have succeeded in remaining a consistent figure in their musical lives, to whom they will turn for new content.

2. Both update and stay updated.

Every day, there’s a new viral sensation doing the rounds on the internet. You should make an effort to keep up with what’s going on in the world in order to keep your music relevant and to ensure that it continues to be relevant. Spreading yourself out on social media and following a large number of popular people who are likely to stay up with the latest trends is the most effective method of accomplishing this. Subscribe to newsletters and take part in online debates are also options for members.

By keeping up with current trends, you will have a better understanding of what people are currently interested in, and you will be able to better brand and sell yourself and your music as a result of this knowledge. Rihanna, the singer, is a fantastic example of this because she has all of the aforementioned social media platforms and uses Twitter to both inform her followers and keep up to date with current trends.

3. Don’t diss modern culture.

Despite the fact that current trends may appear ridiculous or unrelated to everyday life, do not dismiss the general audience. Never be too quick to evaluate or dismiss a hit because it isn’t catchy to you, or because it is too simple to have much leverage, assuming that it will quickly go away. Remember that trend is known for being fickle and constantly changing, so keep in mind that what you consider dull may not be the case for someone else.

For example, no one could have predicted that the bizarre sneeze gesture nicknamed the “dab” would develop into the dance craze of the next generation; after all, it appears to be fairly easy and foolish at first glance. It was not the case afterall. Many popular musicians also publish videos or photos of themselves participating in the current fad.

4. Put yourself out there.

In order to be current and talked about, you must get your name out there and make yourself stand out from the crowd. Many performers, whose music and music videos go viral, gain their reputation and leverage as a result of the efforts of others who spread their work on social media platforms.

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5. Make friends across generations.

The development of friendships with people who are not in your age group will assist you in communicating with a larger audience. Aside from that, soliciting their views and perspectives might help you discover new ways of looking at your business and music; sometimes it’s far more beneficial to see things from a different perspective. These new acquaintances can also provide you with a plethora of problem-solving and big-picture solutions that you would not have thought of on your own otherwise.

It is certain that if you put forth the effort to connect with others and remain active in this always changing industry, you will progress in your quest to become a relevant artist. Just remember to keep the five suggestions listed above in mind and to persevere.