Top 3 Hottest Nigerian Single Male Celebrities

They are surprisingly quite a lot of single male celebrities in Nigeria, but in this article I will be giving you our top 3 hottest single celebrities so keep reading.

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Note that this selection is not the decision of the public but our own selection, so let the count down begin;

At number one we have Frederick Leonard

The 45-year-old actor is single and extremely hot, although its quite unclear why he is still single seeing that he has got all it takes to get his any woman of his choice; a nice body structure, height, good looks and money.

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At number two we have Bryan Okwara

Bryan is a talented Nigerian actor, who is hot and single. Although the actor and his girlfriend, Maria welcomed a baby, well he is not married as long as we know so..ladies you could still shoot your shot.

At number three is Uti Nwachukuwu

The talented presenter and actor is single and really hot! Although it was rumoured that he was married to Munachi Abii but it was yet to be confirmed.