Top 2 Most Popular Beauty Influences in Oklahoma Town in America

Being a lady with a different breed or skin color other than the traditional white skin in a country town like Oklahoma dominated by Native Americans isn’t such a juicy experience as you are exposed to a lot of unfair treatments which makes it hard to get a chance to express your passion and build mutual friendships without going through racist abuses and backlash from the natives or even friends. Two beautiful young makeup artistes who are from different cultural background with a different skin color living in Oklahoma in the country side of America have managed to get pass the fear and criticism of living their lives, expressing their passion and creativity rising from a nobody to one of the most influential makeup artistes in Oklahoma town, inspiring a whole lot of other Latinos and black Americans like them to do what they love despite the racist abuses and discrimination.


Mikala Walker

Mikala Walker is just 18 and already has a verified twitter account of over 110.3k followers and an instagram account of over 60.4k followers. She is currently the most influential black American beauty influences living in Oklahoma City. She began practicing makeup artistry at age 12. She started out by doing her friends’ faces for free and went on to be one of the most sort-after black American makeup artistes in Oklahoma City charging over $75 fee for bridals and proms.




Michelle Fores Diaz

Michelle Fores Diaz is a Latino born makeup artiste living in Ponca City, an hour drive from the capital city of Oklahoma. Michelle Fores Diaz is a top makeup artiste who caught the attention of the public and Oklahoma locals with her personal face beats and makeovers on social media and has since grown into a top influential personality in Oklahoma. Barely 7 months she began her make up page on social which she began in January 2017, it has grown into thousands of followers. Now lots of Latinos living in Oklahoma look up to her as a role model. A few months ago, she was voted by her senior peers as a trendsetter in high school.

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