Top 12 Storage Hacks to Keep Your Luxury Handbags Pristine


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Luxury handbags cost a fortune. They represent a significant investment that should never be taken lightly. Even if you buy pre-loved Hermes and Chanel bags for a bargain, never leave your purses strewn all over your bedroom as you might not get another chance to buy them at the same price again.

Whether you lack storage space or simply haven’t gotten around to arranging a proper ‘home’ for them, there’s no reasonable excuse to treat your bags carelessly, especially since some are quite fragile.

Fortunately, these 12 storage hacks should help keep your luxury handbags in pristine condition for years to come:


1. Never skip pre-storage cleaning.


Collecting luxury bags isn’t just about the purchase, nor is it limited to matching them to the right attire. It’s a combination of those things, along with proper care and storage.

Given the amount you pay for these items, you must ensure you get your money’s worth by keeping them in excellent condition. One way to do that is by performing regular cleaning, especially before keeping them in storage.

  • To start, empty the bag Inspect every pocket for any contents. You can even use a mini vacuum cleaner to clear out any debris inside the bag.
  • After that, use a barely dampcloth to wipe its exterior.
  • Wait for it to drybefore storing.

This cleaning method should be enough to keep oilcloth and nylon plastic bags in good shape, though some materials may need more elaborate cleaning methods. In some cases, you may need to use products specially made for the bag’s material, like leather conditioners and cleaning solutions.


2. Use stuffing to maintain its shape.


No matter what storage methods you choose for your bags, you must ensure that they remain in their optimal shape while in storage. To do that, you’ll have to do something to prevent the bags from drooping or getting creased.

You can protect your bag’s shape in two ways:

  • Usestuffing to puff up the bag. This can be a purse pillow, acid-free tissue paper, or packing bubbles. Remember to put just enough stuffing according to the bag’s intended shape.
  • Invest in a purse base shaper. As the name implies, this helps protect the base structure of the bag from sagging or any deformity.

3. Keep bags separate.


Although it may save space, avoid putting bags inside bigger ones. Doing so might overstretch or crumple the bags, leaving them in a state beyond repair.

Storing bags like this could also lead to color transfer. This is exactly why experts recommend keeping luxury handbags separate as much as possible.


4. Invest in dust bags and clear display cases.


Whether you like to display your luxury bags or want them out of sight when they’re not in use, you can protect them from dust and damage in various ways.

Store your bags in closed containers or baskets to keep them away from pests. Clear display cases also keep dust and mites at bay while showcasing your collection.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you keep your purses in dust bags, preferably the ones they came with. If those are no longer available, buy some to shield your luxury items from elements that could compromise their quality while in storage.

5. Save space with bag organizers.


Some luxury bag owners don’t have the luxury of space. In this case, you may want to invest in a vertical bag organizer for your collection.

Although it’s not ideal for heavier bags, you can keep your smaller ones in a purse file or rack hung in your chosen storage area. You can also use over-the-door wires behind your closet or bedroom door.

This is also a great way to hang your most commonly used Louis Vuitton purses and Hermes handbags for easy access.


6. Insert acrylic dividers.


Acrylic dividers are not only good for keeping your books tucked away neatly. They can also keep your purses stored neatly, so that they are evenly spaced out.

You can use these clear dividers on shelves in your closet or displayed on your walls. They can also help prevent your investment handbags from being shoved at the back of your wardrobe.

Clear acrylic dividers are also an excellent storage idea for maintaining the shape of your handbags and keeping them separate to prevent color transfer and scratches.

7. Refurbish your other organizers.

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Like acrylic dividers, magazine holders and other items designed to hold other things could also work as a storage organizer for your luxury bags.

Use magazine holders and file folders to keep your slim purses separate and organized. They also keep the bags from slumping over.

For bulkier bags, you can recycle hat or shoe boxes to protect them from dust, moisture, and pests.


8. Recycle the original boxes.


Never throw away the original boxes your bags came with, as you’ll be able to use them again to store your luxury items.

Those boxes and the dust bags they came with are custom-made to the size and shape of the bag, making them the perfect choice for storage.

9. Take your bags out occasionally.

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Like you, your handbags also need to breathe. Take them out of storage at least once a month for some fresh air, whether or not you plan to use them.

In relation to this, you must also never use plastic wrappers when storing your bags. This is because material hinders air circulation during storage. Plastic can also dry out the leather or suede material most luxury bags are made of.


10. Keep metal hardware wrapped.

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Many luxury bags have studs, chains, buckles, and other metal works that can get scratched when in storage. They can also leave markings on the body of the bag.

Make sure you wrap all the metal hardware with acid-free tissue or cloth to prevent this from happening.

Don’t forget to keep the chain handles tucked inside the bag and undo buckles and fastenings so that they don’t leave impressions on the bag exterior.


11. Store your bags away from sunlight.


No matter how clever your bag storage is, it would all be for naught if your bags are exposed to sunlight. Leather bags don’t do well under direct light as it causes them to fade, dry out or crack, so be sure to keep them somewhere dark and cool.


12. Fight closet moisture with baking soda.


Besides heat and light, moisture can also be a significant factor you need to consider in bag storage.

To prevent moisture-related damage, put a container of baking soda along the back of your closet or bag storage. This will absorb the moisture and odor that could build up while your luxury item is tucked away.

Keep Your Luxury Bags Pristine

Luxury handbags are valuable possessions not only because of their high price tags but also because they enhance your personal style and confidence.

Keep yours in pristine condition with the help of the tips shared in this article.