Top 10 Leading Nigerian TikTok Stars In 2021

Without mincing words, TikTok is one of the blessings embedded in 2021. We can confidently say that TikTok is a blessing  with creators expressing themselves through comic display, music and dance.

TikTok is shining on a roster of Nigerian entertainers with incredible skills and talent that everybody searched for it this year. It is pertinent to note that all the creators bring something remarkable to the platform.

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If you are a social media user in Nigeria, lt  is possible you might have come accross Mark_Kacy’s animated videos. Mark is an award-winning presenter who, despite his ubiquitous videos, prefers anonymity, which only adds to the appeal that has made him so popular on TikTok. Mark’s animation content is fun, relevant and interesting because he uses audio clips together with his animation. Since the commencement of his account, Mark has achieved over 19 million likes on all of his videos.



Reply to @leevugstate It’s the Ending for me😂😂😂 #dedeuk #fyp dababy #cheersmodafuka You can stream FAKE on all music platforms

♬ Fake – Dede UK

First known on TikTok as a comedian with a series of characters he created for himself, @officialdededuk changed things and is now “The Waterman”. African water “as it struggles to correct the stigma that” Africans do not have water. “Dede continued to present his message during a fun and informative way, respecting differences.



@kikakiim @alishhaa 🔥 What is your favorite color?💜👇🏻

♬ Bananza belly dancer – koleeditss

Auwal Marafa, aka @9ja_Tricks, may be a true magician. The Northern Nigerian performs a spread of tricks during a sort of tricks. and may be a beacon of the facility of TikTok 4 connectivity.



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Culture Crossing quickly in Nigeria, some people became the arbiters of what is popular and what’s not, thanks to their prominent place on the TikTok , @JenniFrank29 is one among Nigerian pop culture’s greatest personalities.Through a series of dance routines, popular culture crazes and duets, she has distinguished herself and continues to progress while elevating Nigerian content.



Had to buy a racist car 🙄 #123PandoraME #ashleykeno17 #squidgame

♬ original sound – 🇧🇩J2trappy🇮🇪

Ashley could also be young, but he’s set to be a King of Memes for years to return . @AshleyKeno17 is already setting the tone for meme content in Nigeria together with his highly creative and relevant videos that balance action and text.



😂😂😂😂 Can never happen to me because I don’t do such but I’ve seen this happen before #ajianje #naijameme

♬ original sound – blessing

Popular content creator @Aji_Anje has become famous for being at the forefront of the recent wave of movie effects that has appropriated social media. She has expanded her content set to incorporate video reels and nostalgic videos.



@kikakiim @alishhaa 🔥 What is your favorite color?💜👇🏻

♬ Bananza belly dancer – koleeditss

Jhayneey may be a beauty designer who likes to dance. She’s fun and artistic with all the trends and challenges she faces without seeming out of sync.


Moyin and Doyin are one among the foremost popular TikTok twin accounts in Nigeria, @Twinzloves, hottest for music videos. The mother watches the videos and that they celebrate as they provide their 476,000 subscribers a glimpse into the inner workings of their lives.



Duet and tag me, my favorite will be posting on Instagram

♬ original sound – Flora 222

Nobody saw @Gabbie_Tori coming. The content creator caught everyone off guard, taking the platform by storm together with his brand of imitation characters, accents and a personality like no other.




♬ Bananza belly dancer – koleeditss

@Just_Trixx’s unique power is its ability to document your life with none restrictions. She is one among variety of young Nigerians who have conquered TikTok this year, gaining an audience of over 50,000 subscribers.