Toolz celebrates 8th wedding anniversary with husband, Captain Tunde

Toolz celebrates 8th wedding anniversary with husband, Captain Tunde

On-air personality, Tolu Oniru-Demuren better known as Toolz and her husband, Captian Tunde Demuren joyfully celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary on Tuesday.

On her Instagram page, the media personality shared early wedding day memories, including how she almost missed her flight to Dubai due to oversleeping.

Toolz further revealed she was terrified, waking up to 100 missed calls, but her husband calmed her down, allowing her to catch the flight on time. She expressed gratitude for his calm nature, which balances her dramatic tendencies, and thanked him for their children, expressing a wish for one more.

Toolz prayed for many more years filled with love, understanding, and joy, and toasted to their eight years together.

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She wrote;

 “Year 8!! Funny story, the day we were supposed to fly out to Dubai for our wedding, I overslept and nearly missed my flight. My security guard and sister were banging on my front door, and I was on some next level of sleep. I eventually woke up to 100 calls from Captain (who was already at the airport) and different family members. In tears I called him back and I remember wailing ‘Tell me what to do!!’ cos I thought I had missed my flight. He managed to calm me down and said: just come down now, so I got dressed as quickly as I could and rushed down and miraculously made the flight.
Thank you for being the calm (sometimes too calm) to my dramatic self over the last 8 years. The one that stays calm when I’m ready to start shouting ‘Aradugbo egbami o’🙆🏽‍♀️🙆🏽‍♀️

“Thank you for the babies…maybe one more?? May God grant us many more years together full of love, understanding and joy! May we continue to grow and learn to be better partners for each other with God at the centre of it all. Cheers to 8!!!”

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