Toni Tone reveals why unhealthy relationships can last

Toni Tone; a UK-based writer, speaker, and social content creator, has revealed some of the reasons why unhealthy relationships tend to last than expected.

Best known for her writing on Twitter, which averages over 40 million impressions a month and places her in the top 0.1% of Twitter users worldwide, Tone, took to the micro-blogging platform, on Wednesday, December 9, to argued that long-lasting relationships do not automatically mean they’re positive.

The social media content creator also cited fear as one of the reasons why people remain in unhealthy relationships.

She further added that pain and trauma can be other reasons why people stick to unhealthy relationships as both attributes make people bond.

In addition, Tone opined that unhealthy relationships can also stay longer because of loneliness.

“When it comes to relationships of any kind; long-lasting doesn’t automatically mean ‘positive’. Sometimes people are too scared to leave. Sometimes pain and trauma bonds people. Sometimes loneliness forces people together… Unhealthy relationships can last for plenty reasons.”