Tokyo James, Editor-in-Chief of MADE magazine, Fashion director and curator to a number of shows & collections in Nigeria was also recently nominated for the Jaguar Lagos Fashion Awards 2015 in 2 categories Best Campaign and Fashion stylist.

Last month he had a private viewing for he’s collection and now he’s thrown it open to the public. His new Spring/Summer 2015 collection titled the “Exist”. Tokyo has provided an aesthetic that is not readily available in Nigerian fashion. The “Exist” collection is filled with faux fur & metallic silver coats, laid-back blazers, jackets, unique formal wear and more.

With experience working abroad in fashion capitals like the UK, New York and more; Lagos isn’t even ready for this.

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Photo Credit:

Photography & Creative Direction: EC Okoigun (Instagram: @Mrxtphr)

Styling: Bubu Ogisi (Instagram: @Bubuogisi)

Grooming: Ifinanya of MAC Cosmetics (Instagram: @Ifinanya / @MacCosmetics / @Marco_Louis)

Model: Antoine Odinka of Few Models (Instagram: @Antoine_Odinaka /@FewModels)

To find out more about Tokyo James, send an e-mail to: [email protected] or call: 08184365502


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