Toke Makinwa opens up on Wizkid’s humble beginning

Toke Makinwa, an OAP, has disclosed some of the costs Wizkid has paid to get to where he is now.

In a recent interview with Chude Jideonwo, he was asked about today’s kids who only want to excel without putting in the effort.

Wizkid and toke makinwa

“You don’t know the years Wizkid put in to become who he is today,” Toke added.

Young beginners try music for a year or two and are disappointed when it does not work…

When I tell folks about you, buddy…

Wizkid used to bring speakers to Rhythm, and DJs would send him to get Amala, which he would do.

He was a rat in the studio. He’d say, “Just help me play my music.” People now regard him as arrogant, oblivious to the amount of effort he put into this voyage.

It is the same way people can look at me now and say I got it all easy but if you have been following my career and seeing the hardwork I put in, you should ask me what I am doing with my life if by now I am not enjoying all that I am enjoying now from my hard work.”

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