Ladies, don’t we all hate when our makeup lets us down? Don’t we hate it when we get that oily or patchy look after a short while and most especially on those days when we skip the foundation and hurriedly apply powder because we are really late and just need to move? Well… the good news we can walk you through how to get that “I woke up like this” glow going on by using just your powder. Yes! You too can achieve a flawless finish with little effort.

If you want to hit the streets without looking overly made up or you find it hard getting your powder done the right way, here is a “little know how” on achieving that natural look we all desire with no foundation using the Zaron Mattifying Powder.

Step 1: Clean and moisturize your face with a moisturizer that suits your skin tone.

Step 2: Prep your face with the Zaron primer; it creates a smooth base for powder application and keeps you looking fresher for longer.

Step 3: With a powder brush or sponge, apply your powder dabbing into the skin and buffing in a circular motion to achieve full coverage and a neat finish.

…….. And voila, it’s “bye-bye” to the patchy powder look.J These steps are not just quick and easy but are also very effective.

TIP: DO NOT drag your brush or sponge during application to prevent your powder from looking unevenly distributed or patchy.


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