The most FATTENING time of the year is almost upon us and before you can sing JINGLE BELL, the weight scales will be registering extra kilos. Rather than going about in denial, your approach should center on healthy choices. You can party, you can eat but you don’t have to put on weight! Here’s how.

1.     Smart planning: If you’ve got a weekend of parties ahead, be careful about what you eat the week before.

2.     Forget finger foods: If you can eat it without a knife, fork or spoon, AVOID it! Many nibbles such as the popular “SMALL CHOPS” turn to “BIG CHOPS” in your stomach because they are all fried with saturated oil and packed with calories. Really, who can eat just one?

3.     Don’t arrive hungry: Starving yourself and “saving up” calories before a party is a recipe for disaster. You are much more likely to grab whatever is going to satisfy your hunger. So eat before you go.

4.     Become buffet-savvy: Be one of the last to go to the buffet table as most of the fattening stuff will already have gone by the time you get there. Look out for foods with high water content such as salads, soups and most vegetable dishes.

5.     Make healthy choices: Be mindful of what you are eating rather than putting just anything that is offered into your mouth while you chat. Also, join in dancing to take your mind off food.

6.     Watch your alcohol intake: Alcohol contains lots of calories; opt for red wine (made half with wine and half with sparking water) or alternate each alcoholic drink with a glass of water. That will keep you hydrated and help to make you feel full.

7.     Don’t panic: One or two lapses can be managed and won’t undo your good work; simply make up for it by having a really healthy day in return.


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