TikTok Video of a Woman Tackles Amazon Alexa’s Ability to Collect User’s Recordings | Here’s How You Can Request User Data

According to a TikTok video submitted by a lady, Amazon’s Alexa is capable of storing all of your audio recordings.

She was horrified to learn that the corporation knows practically everything about her after demanding all conceivable data from her smart home device.

TikTok Video Reveals Scary Part of Amazon’s Alexa

TikTok Video of a Woman Tackles Amazon Alexa's Ability to Collect User's Recordings | Here's How You Can Request User Data

According to a report published by The Independent on Friday, Oct. 22, a woman on TikTok discovered that Amazon had been storing a large amount of speech data from her smartphone. She has two Amazon Echo Dot speakers and an Echo device for the smart light bulbs, for context.

She instantly downloaded the ZIP file included within the folders after obtaining the requested data from Amazon. She discovered that many of her short recordings had been saved here.

The revelation was regarded as “frightening” by the TikTok user.

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Furthermore, the woman went through each file and discovered 3,534 clips. Furthermore, she noted in her TikTok video that she couldn’t remember syncing Amazon Alexa to the “Contacts” file, which stores her conversations with other people via her device.

The woman mentioned that Amazon might also be aware of her location. She also discovered another weird file that describes the “precise” location of her smart speakers.

What Amazon Says About this Privacy Concern

According to News.com.au, an Amazon spokeswoman stated that while using Alexa, users have control and transparency, similar to the TikTok video that went viral.

The firm representative also mentioned that they can evaluate and erase the brief voice clips. They could also opt not to save them at any point.

Furthermore, according to the spokesman, importing phone contacts to Amazon’s Alexa is optional. Customers have the option to disable this feature as well.

How to Request Data From Amazon

According to The Independent, there is a mechanism to inquire the firm about your recordings and other material. All you have to do is click here to get to the Request My Data page. You can now submit a request to the firm for specific information that you want to get.

You can delete your short speech samples in the Alexa App to get more tips. If you have an Android or an iOS device, you can begin by heading to your phone’s Settings and searching for “Alexa Privacy.”

Then, select “Manage Your Alexa Data.” Following that, you may now automatically delete the recordings. Tap “Off” to enable this option. You can also use this approach to determine the duration of your data before you delete it.

A few years ago, an Oregon woman reported that her Amazon Echo Dot had secretly captured her intimate talks with her spouse. She later discovered that it was delivered to a random person.

The Amazon Ring Doorbell was purportedly keeping all of a woman’s audio recordings via a phone last week. The woman involved filed a lawsuit against her neighbor, who installed the smart home gadget without her permission.

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