TikTok Tests Repost Button | Similar to Twitter’s Retweet?

TikTok’s Repost button is now being tested for a limited number of users, and some Twitter users who have been using the Retweet button may recognize it.

TikTok Tests Repost Button | Similar to Twitter’s Retweet?

However, unlike the Retweet button, which is freely available to all Twitter users, the new TikTok Repost feature is only visible to a subset of the platform’s users, according to The Verge.

TikTok Repost Button Test

It turns out that TikTok is still testing the new function, which appears to be rolling out to everyone else on the Chinese video-sharing app.

The Verge reported in the same story that the new TikTok button had been spotted as early as December 19.

Indeed, social media analyst Matt Navarra earlier tweeted a screenshot of the app’s new Repost function, saying that “TikTok is testing a ‘Repost’ button.”

In the screenshot, the Repost button has the same icon as Twitter’s Retweet button. It is, however, contained within a yellow-colored circle.

Furthermore, according to We Are Social Media, some TikTokers are now reporting the addition of two additional buttons to their apps, such as the “Repost” and “Send to” options.

The news item went on to say that these users are already using TikTok’s new feature to help them boost the reach of their videos on China-based platforms.

Meanwhile, according to a TechCrunch article, certain TikTokers are getting a new version of the Repost tool—a Recommend button.

Repost and Misinformation

We Are Social Media stated in the same report that TikTok’s new sharing tools are comparable to Twitter’s Retweet and WhatsApp’s forward option, both of which were eliminated by the two other social media behemoths in 2020.

However, it was only momentarily and around the time of the US elections that the said sharing functionalities were discovered to be aiding in the spread of misinformation.

TikTok Repost: How it Works

TikTok’s new sharing capability is now discovered by certain users through videos on the app’s For You page.

As a result, the social media network is only allowing a subset of its users to reshare movies that the algorithm has recommended to them.

To share a video with their followers, the new feature now only requires users to tap the Repost button. It differs from prior options such as duet and stich, which still need TikTokers to make a new video.