TikTok Effect on Teenagers, Children Now Under Investigation from Attorney Generals—Like Instagram?

TikTok is now the subject of a fresh inquiry by US Attorneys General in a bipartisan nationwide investigation into its impact on teenagers and children.

It will be similar to the inquiry that lawmakers and attorneys are conducting into Instagram and Meta, which has been a major case in the last year. Social media platforms have a huge impact on young minds, introducing new aspects into their growth into the actual world. This is what the investigation will look into.

TikTok Investigation: AGs to Look Into Its Effect on Teens, Kids


The Office of Attorney General Maura Healey announced a joint investigation with the country’s bipartisan attorneys investigating TikTok and its content.

Its focus would be on the impact on teenagers and children who consume a lot of social media information, and it may impose many social media restrictions.

The Massachusetts Attorney General will lead the inquiry and invite other lawmakers to join in, providing TikTok with additional information about its operations and distribution. TikTok, like any other social media platform, has a big impact on children and how it affects their formative years; thus, this investigation.

TikTok Investigation Like Instagram; Nationwide Probe

The investigation is similar to last year’s federal probe of AGs that looked into Instagram and its effect on teenagers and kids that focused on how its content influences young minds. However, Instagram’s probe is different from its parent company, Meta, which faced a separate lawsuit involving whistleblowers like Frances Haugen in testifying against them.

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TikTok’s Content Online

TikTok, like any other social media network, displays user-generated material and video selections, drawing a diverse range of consumers and viewers. There are some abusive content makers that post other films for likes and attention, such as harmful content to animals and even people, which the company diligently removes.

ByteDance’s social media company has already investigated the various content that may pose a risk to consumers and even imperil them online. One example is explicit content provided by users under the age of 16, which TikTok has revised in its Community Guidelines to detect and remove from their accounts.

Despite TikTok’s several efforts in response to this type of video online, it will still face an examination into how it affects teenagers and children on the platform. The investigation would next look into the various events on TikTok and its numerous contents that may be damaging to teenagers before deciding what to do with the social media platform.

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