This PC case emits animated holograms from both the side and top

CES 2022 has been a time for tech companies to present some of their more experimental ideas, and it appears that PC case manufacturers have had a great year in that sense this year. Showcase PC has followed up on its odd breathing PC case with a case that displays moving holographic pictures on its sides. Because RGB is so out of date these days.

Showcase’s future Solo and Dual Hologram PC cases will include the feature. The Solo case emits a hologram from the front, which is unusual enough. The Dual, as the name implies, adds a second that emits from the case’s top. There has been no indication on whether these optical illusions will be able to play concerts.

The Showcase Hologram Solo PC case with a holographic effect in use.

The effect is achieved through the use of an unique fan system with 224 LEDs embedded in its blades. The LEDs project your preferred image as the fans spin, with the blades whirling fast enough to mislead your eyes. This system includes 8GB of internal storage and is housed in a NZXT H510 casing that houses the holographic animations. There is a remote control that allows you to cycle through the holograms.

I was never a huge fan of the RGB fad, but I can see its attraction. RBG lighting is visually appealing, and when paired with other smart lights, it may be used to create an effective ambient lighting system. However, these holographic cases make me concerned that some in the PC business have overreached.

Indeed, I wouldn’t be surprised if the holograms are rather obtrusive. You’re burning your way through another unpleasant Twitch discussion when you notice a floating head out of the corner of your eye. Sure, it turns out to be a hologram effect rather than the Ghost of Christmas Past, but how can you concentrate with that in your peripheral vision?

Nonetheless, it’s a cool piece of technology that can add some glitter to your case in a manner that RGB lights can’t.

If you want to get one up for yourself and pull a questionable flex on other PC users, the Showcase Hologram Solo case is $299, while the Dual variant is $449. The present price is valid till tomorrow (January 8), and the case will be available in June 2022.

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