“This man hates me and my son so much”- Sandra Iheuwa calls out ex-husband, Steve Thompson

Sandra Iheuwa, Ubi Franklin’s babymama and ex-wife to Steve Thompson has called him out for fabricating lies against her.

The mother of four expressed her rage at Steve’s hatred of her and her son.

Sandra drew attention to the fact that he was trying to use her past against her and making up lies against her.

She asked in a series of posts on her Instagram page who would defend her and her son if she didn’t.

She described how she made peace with him in private and how she pushed him to recognize and acknowledge his son.

She claims that he threatened to her life because he was so determined to destroy her.

“I really hate that I’m doing this but I have to at this point. I don’t know why this man hates me and my son so much… The same man that asked me to marry him and he would protect me and treat me better…now he’s trying to use my last against me and fabricating lies against me. If I don’t fight for myself and son, who will? God knows I tried my best to make peace with this man privately but he’s bent on trying to destroy me to the extend of threatening me. This is me speaking up”.

In petitions to the Inspector General of Police and the American Embassy, her counsel charged Steve with threatening life and causing serious bodily injury.

The attorneys alleged that despite Sandra’s requests for Steve to end the affair for the sake of the health of their unborn child, he continued to have a “illicit relationship” shortly after their marriage and exposed her to a sexually transmitted disease.

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