This Linda Ikeji’s video will inspire you

This Nigerian celebrity blogger and Imo-born mother of one, Linda Ikeji’s video is all you need for a push today.

The billionaire media mogul shared an old video of herself she made in 2017 to inspire her fans and followers on Instagram.

According to her, the video is being shared in business classes to inspire participants.

Sharing the inspiring video, she wrote,

“I recorded this video in 2017 and posted it to YouTube to inspire

and push someone to continue to fight for their dreams.

In the video which I titled ‘They Will Come’, I talked about my early years chasing banks for loans to invest in my business and how I didn’t even get past the reception of the bank offices I went to back in the day and how after I fought crazily hard to make something of myself, the banks came to me offering me different loans that I no longer needed…lol.

I decided to post here today because a few people have told me this video is being shared in different business classes to teach and motivate students.

If you’ve never seen it, do enjoy and I hope you get inspired by it.

Happy new week!”

Watch the video below:

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