Things To Avoid Doing On Valentine

Valentine day has always been February 14, and their is no plans of changing the date. Going back to the history of valentine and how it came about.

Valentine was a saint who was persecuted by Emperor Claudius ll during the A.D 270 for going against his rule of wedding young lovers, he was sent to jail and later fell in love with his jailers daughter.

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It was said that before his death he wrote a letter to his lover and ended it with “from your valentine”.

Now back to what to avoid doing on valentine day, as you can see according to the history of valentine it about love and wedding lovers so here are the things to avoid doing;

1. Don’t Dump

Don’t dump your spouse on valentine’s day it tends to leave a mark on their heart.

2. Don’t Allow Your Single Friends To Tag Along

Its depressing! You will be rubbing it on their faces which can be depressing for them.

3. Don’t Compare Your Previous Relationship To Your Present

You will only be leaving a mark on their heart as it will not be fair to compare your Ex with them on present on valentine’s day.

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