They Told Me I Could Not Be a Model Because I am Not Fair and Tall – Eva Alordiah

Rapper turned motivational speaker, Eva Alordiah has revealed how she dreamt to be a super model but was unable to accomplish the dream due to her skin tone an height, she had quite a bit to say, read her message below:

If you Laugh, I’ll Konk you  I was about 15 or so and Legit told the photographer in the studio that I was a Model and needed new profile photos. Model?? Elohor stop playing
Well fast forward to my now present Life, I have lived that dream and posed for brands from around the world.
I remember most of my casting auditions from those years.
They always said I wasn’t tall enough, wasn’t Yellow enough, (all the models then were all lightskinned) and I wasn’t whatever else enough.

I hated that shit and swore I was still going to be a Delta Soap girl, That was all I wanted at the time. (It didn’t happen) Much bigger things have happened in my life thankfully.
I am not anywhere close to being a super model but I have lived the modelling life, I have been paid to do the work.

Of course back then I didn’t know what the future held for me, all I had was my Word and a Vision of where I wanted to go.
“In the beginning was the Word..” Yes?
The same has happened in my Career as a Performing artiste and Rapper.
As an Actress.
As a Writer.
As a Life Giver.

I am Living the Life I Spoke of myself.
I am seeing it all unfold before my eyes every single day and I know you have experienced the same in your Life too in some way.
Please Understand, Your Word has Creating Power.
Know this, Internalize it.
When you speak with intent, and full conscious awareness, Magic happens.
We literally create our world. It is the God factor about us that is ever present and no one can take it away from you.

Last year I published an Ebook titled “111 MAGIC AFFIRMATIONS TO ATTRACT MONEY” and in this ebook, I share 111 Powerful Affirmations for every area of Life.
You need to Use this Book
A major part of why you feel like you cannot do anything about your present circumstances, even though you yourself created them, is because you have not come to understand that you are a Creator being.
You are a creator being. Read that again till it makes sense.

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Read it, Digest it, but please and please USE IT!!!
Knowledge is only Power when it is Applied

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