The Work-Wear Looks That Will Make An Impact In 2021

It’s barely a day to wrap up a year we all sure wanted to have ended months ago.

We believe that a lot of you had plans when it comes to your style and how you had wanted to represent yourself when it comes to the workplace, for last year we predicted that peplum skirts and blouse are going to make a huge fashion statement in 2020 but unfortunately that didn’t happen due to the lockdown which covered most part of the fashion calendar (Summer).

A new range of style had to take centre stage to satisfy the era we all found ourselves, the styles that found the limelight were outfits which were rather geared towards casual.

The oversized knit sweaters, tops and pants became one of 2020 style statement. We also saw the pencil skirt, Fringed Skirt (The second most fashionable winter 2020 -2021), Tennis Skirt, Slip Skirt etc all had the shine this year due to option of digital meetings such as Zoom etc.

Truthfully we are hoping that the coming year would be as blissful as we expect and coming from that angle we have carefully put together a wide range of styles that would surely be a style to have in 2020.

This fashion trends are going to be a comeback of the millennium and a bit of the 90s and early 2000s fashion but in the latter part of 2021, we would be seeing more futuristic looks evading our fashion space.


From patchwork to Knit – Even designers have leaned into working from home casual, but they don’t want to compromise on style. Knits galore have emerged onto the scene and highlights include the beautiful mint green. It’s a relief to know we can get dressed up next summer while staying comfortable.

We would be seeing more sheer outfits around summer of next year. Jean’s arent packing up anytime soon so brace yourself for more boot-cuts, slim-fit and boyfriend jeans are going to be huge next year. Another style trend to look out for are Fringes, bold shoulders, florals, pleated skirts.



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