The Top Street Style Trends for the Spring 2023 Couture Season

A new wave of street style trends that perfectly captured the spirit of modern fashion emerged for the Spring 2023 couture season. The resurgence of retro-inspired clothing, featuring statement silhouettes and prints, was one of the major trends.

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Influencers and fashion enthusiasts donned vibrant, floral prints reminiscent of the 60s and 70s, paired with tailored blazers or flared trousers for a modern twist. Another key street style trend was the emergence of sustainable fashion. Ethical fabrics, recycled materials, and upcycled garments were championed throughout the season as individuals sought to make socially conscious sartorial choices.

From billowing maxi dresses made from repurposed textiles to vegan leather accessories, sustainability became an essential aspect of street style. Finally, gender-neutral fashion took center stage this season, with fluid silhouettes and gender-fluid clothing breaking traditional molds and encouraging self-expression beyond limited societal expectations.

See looks photo credit: Phil Oh

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