The timeline of Banky W and Adesua Etomi-Wellington’s love story

the chronology of Banky W and Adesua Etomi-Wellington's love story

Celebrity couples are one of the most beautiful things fans watch out for on social media. Over time, it became a norm for these marriages to pack up due to personal issues and sometimes influences from external forces.

Banky W and Adesua Etomi-Wellington’s love journey

The union between singer and actor, Olubankole Wellington better known as Banky W and Nollywood actress, Tolulope Adesua Etomi caught some of their fans by surprise while many speculated that there was a string of love between the two.

According to Adesua Etomi, she met with Banky W at an event in 2015 and

 “That was the beginning of something amazing because once banky saw me, he decided that he was going to be my biggest fan.”

In 2016 Adesua and Banky W began dating after being friends for a year and a half. According to her,

“At the time, I wasn’t interested in anything but a friendship and he was very respectful of that and so we stayed just friends for about a year and a half. “

What was unknown to people is that there was a solidly hot relationship between the duo during the shooting of one of Nollywood’s romantic comedy-drama ‘The Wedding Party’. You are guessing right… the kisses, hugs and cuddles on set during the shooting were for real.

In February 2017 Banky W proposed to his heartthrob and she said Yes! Taking to her social media pages, she shared the good news with her fans. she wrote:

“In February 2017, you said you couldn’t be without me and asked me to be your wife and I said YES cause I can’t be without you. It will be an absolute pleasure and one of the greatest blessings of my life to walk the path of life with you. Thank you for being who you are. My goodluck charm, my King, my lover, my best friend.

“I love you till eternity and beyond. No, This Is not a movie. Future Mrs W.”

Banky W and Adesua Etomi-Wellington’s marriage

A few months after their engagement, Banky W and Adesua tied the knot on 19th November 19, 2017, in a star-studded ceremony in Cape Town, South Africa.

Things have been rosy in their beautiful union as they take to social media during birthdays and wedding anniversaries to celebrate each other and profess their undying love.

Adesua Etomi-Wellington loses twin pregnancy

On 5th April 2021, Adesua Etomi-Wellington revealed that she was pregnant with twins but suffered a miscarriage.

She made the revelation during a chat at The Waterbrook Studio while sharing the testimony of God’s goodness in their lives. She further revealed that when the doctors told her they could not find the children’s heartbeat, she initially laughed, but upon getting home, she broke down and began to wail.

At that time, she said

“We got pregnant with twins and we had gone for the scans and we had seen the heartbeats. At this point, very few people know when this happened. Every report you have heard is a lie because nobody knew when it happened. We saw the heartbeat and everything was okay.

“During a routine check up, we went back to the hospital to have a scan and I just saw the doctor’s face ― you know when something is wrong; sometimes you can tell. The doctor was scanning and I asked, ‘what is wrong’ but she said nothing.

“I looked at the nurse’s face and she looked a bit funny too. I asked what was wrong and she said, ‘Adesua, I am looking for the heartbeat.’ I asked, ‘for two of them?’And she said yes. I am actually not going to lie, I started laughing because it did not make any sense to me. I was like, ‘what do you mean you can’t find the heartbeat of both?’ She said ‘Yes’. Banky was not home at the time, so, I went home and I remember being in our living room. When I was at the hospital I was laughing; I was like ‘God knows’.

Adesua further disclosed that:

“When I got home, I literally collapsed on the floor and I wailed. Wailing is not the same thing as crying. Wailing is a deep groaning in your chest. It is like a nut that you cannot get rid of. I am sharing this because so many women go through this but nobody talks about it because it is almost like a thing of shame for whatever reason and I don’t know why, because you don’t control your body; you don’t create yourself.

“I want to give a shout out to every single woman that has gone through IVF. I know what you have gone through. I have veins in my hand that no longer work; they are so traumatized that you cannot get blood out of them. IVF is a very tasking thing ― emotionally and physically on your body, mentally it is very tough.

“It was very tough; it was very hard. I was going through it while going through the fact that every day I will hear one rumour or the other. Some said I was barren, some said my husband was impotent or I had done something to my womb. It was very hard, but I am saying this because I promised God that I would and there is nothing anybody can do to make me shut up about the goodness of God.

“It is funny how we can accept that the other organs might need help; you can get a heart transplant, you can get help with your kidneys, but when it comes to the reproductive organs, it is like a dirty topic nobody wants to talk about. I think it is really important that we talk about it.

She added that after the miscarriage, she and her husband decided that over that weekend, they were going to pray because they believed that there was nothing God could not do.

Banky W and Adesua welcome their first child 

On 22nd February 2021, Adesua took to her Instagram page to reveal that she and her husband welcomed their first child, Hazaiah Olusegun Wellington four weeks before she announced. She wrote:

“‘You have a track record of keeping your word. Ọlọrun agbaye o, you are mighty’ 4 weeks ago I received the best birthday gift ever. Our Son. 1+1=3”

The announcement collides with Adesua’s birthday as she and Banky W used pictures taken during her pregnancy to celebrate the arrival of their child and her birthday.

See the pictures below:

On 16th September 2022, Banky W and his wife, Adesua officially unveiled his cute-looking face to the world.

Hazaiah is all shades of adorable and we can’t stop gushing over him.

On 25th January 2023, Adesua took to her Instagram page to celebrate the second birthday of her son. Read here

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