The statement I love you has caused people to enter into marriages that has marred their destinies – Actress, Eucharia Anunobi

Eucharia Anunobi, an Apostle and actress, claims that the phrase “I love you” has led many people into marriages that have ruined their lives, glamsquad reports.


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Ms. Anunobi said in a video posted online today, November 26, that being delusional has left more people saddened than sickness, and that the same delusion has left more people in pain and caused a lot of havoc.

She continued, saying


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“This statement, I LOVE YOU, has caused more horrifying havoc on humanity than can be imagined. I LOVE YOU has led to people entering marriages that have ruined their lives.”


She went on to say that the next time someone says “I love you,” he or she should ask the Holy Spirit to help them determine whether the person truly means “I love you” or “I lust you.”

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