The Smart Money Woman TV Crew Talk to GQ SA

The Smart Money Woman’s majority female crew got a feature on GQ SA!

Glamsquad Magazine couldn’t help but share.

Arese Ugwu, a personal finance guru, took Africa by storm in 2016 when she released her best-selling book, The Smart Money Woman. The book’s release was followed by a well-received Pan-African book tour that promoted discussions around African women’s financial management. Arese introduced the continent to a group of young female protagonists and their challenges as they navigated relationships, careers, and, eventually, their finances, through her novel.

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These women brought to life a variety of challenges that the average African woman is familiar with, including business, debt, debts, insufficient resources, and societal and cultural constraints. The fictitious story lines and present African backdrop acted as a sort of cure for the no-nonsense financial advice and exercises that were delivered alongside the primary story. Needless to say, the audience responded extremely strongly to the story and the characters.

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Creative Direction: Isoken Ogiemwonyi @isokenogiemwonyi

Photography: Ryan Alabi @ryanonifoto_

Assistant Stylist: Eric Ihaza @ericihaza

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Arese: Black Rococo Lagos @rococothebrand; Pink For Style Sake @shop_fss

Bunmi: Black Ann Usman @ann.usman; Green dress For Style Sake @shop_fss

Jola: Black Sequins For Style Sake @shop_fss ; Mustard Rococo Lagos @rococothebrand

Lala: Yellow Adey Soile @adeysoile; Black Maison Aria via Fashtracker @maisonaria @fashtracker

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