The Pros and Cons of Makeup Subscription Boxes

Best Beauty Boxes of 2020: the Best Subscription Boxes You Can Buy

Beauty subscription boxes gained popularity especially at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic where everyone is advised to stay at home to avoid exposure to the virus. Social media has been a very common and influential platform for many beauty gurus and vloggers, not just to have their contents monetized, but to share their expertise and talents with the world. Beauty subscription boxes are also promoted by these gurus and vloggers, endorsing those that they can vouch is safe for any skin type and are also high quality.

What are the pros and cons of beauty subscription boxes?

Let us begin with the Pros:

  1. The greatest advantage of makeup subscriptions is that they are delivered directly to customers’ doorsteps. It is safe, considering that you do not have to subject yourself to exposure to the COVID-19 virus and other infections for that matter. Aside from that, it is also very convenient especially for busy people or busy months when customers do not have the luxury of time to buy items physically or to avoid the hustle. When a customer is subscribed to a beauty subscription service, you have the opportunity to try out different products monthly. It also heightens the excitement of having something to look forward to everyone, I mean, who does not want to receive a package full of beauty products, right?
  2. You get to spend a set amount monthly. Hence, it is easier to budget and more pocket-friendly. For sample boxes like Ipsy, you get to try five different products for only 10 dollars. This is what defines, “value for money.”
  3. You get to discover fresh brands. Many people are loyal to their brands, but for those who want to explore new or fresh brands, these beauty or makeup subscription boxes make choosing easier. Companies or product services allow consumers to try out brands that they’ve never come across and might be suitable to their taste or preference. Many subscribers testify that makeup/beauty uk subscription boxes allowed them to discover products especially from small brands or small businesses that fit their liking. They are also able to help these small brands because once they find that the product/products are good, they will endorse or use these products in their beauty vlogs or promote them in their social media accounts. So it is a win-win situation for both the sellers and purchasers.
  4. How the product is packaged also amplifies the thrill upon receiving the box/es. It is expected that products are packaged in boxes or bags that are stylish and designed craftily. They have unique touches from varying companies of course. The bags are good to use for storing things or even travelling. They can be used to store beauty products so that they are well-kept and organized.
  5. Bonuses are offered by several make-up and beauty subscription kits. There are great deals offered depending on the company. Some companies give cards with points that can be redeemed on your next buys. Bigger or more bonuses are available for repeat buyers. This makes the regular customer feel that their purchase is worth it, even if they may not find the products delivered to them suitable to their taste.


Now, everything has its upside and downside. So after reading the upsides, let us also know the downsides.

Here are the Cons:

  1. You do not expect products to be good all the time. There are months wherein the products are not that good. There are months that the products are interesting. However, you cannot predict when those months will be. You cannot predict if the box you received contain the bad stuff or the good stuff. Sometimes they are hits, sometimes they are misses. This is the disadvantage of not being able to cherry-pick the products that you like and reject those you don’t. Products that are delivered may be worth trying or not worth your time at all. It could be disappointing, considering that you have paid a sum like $10 and all you get are things that you do not want to even try.
  2. Sometimes, beauty subscription boxes can be disappointing because they may send the same types of products again and again. It does not always occur, but it occurs repeatedly. For example, for one box or package, only shampoos are available, no make-up products or whatsoever, and sometimes no makeup products are not sent that much (well it depends on the company). A quick piece of advice for the consumers, make sure you read feedbacks and reviews about the services before hitting the subscribe button. Make sure to read those reliable ones or you can even ask friends or family members who have subscribed to particular beauty subscriptions so that you will not regret it in the end.
  3. You might get products you do not actually like or do not use. This is a downside of beauty subscription kits, you will always have numerous possibilities of receiving samples of products you dislike. So you will have piles of products and samples you do not or forget to use. It is a waste of space,
  4. Products are not personalized, so they do not satisfy your makeup desires.
  5. There is no assurance that the products are allergy-friendly or safe for all skin types. There is no guarantee that you will avoid that ingredient that irritates your skin. So this is only good for those who do not have sensitive skin.
  6. The excitement runs out after a year or so. It is exciting to get the first box, then the second, then after a year, you will realize you have not opened the box from last month.

So are beauty subscription boxes worth it? They are not all bad, depending on the company; you get to sample customizable products. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can receive a luxurious brand and even full-size products for a lesser price. If you fancy trying new products every month or so, then makeup subscription boxes are right for you.

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