Most Trending Ankara Styles We’re Currently Lusting After

Most African prints, especially the Ankara fabric, is and has always been the fluid that fuels the engine of the burgeoning African fashion industry. Another thing that has risen the popularity of African prints is retail. As much as we love a custom made Ankara piece, we’ve slowly fallen in love with ready-to-wear Ankara designs which have helped increase the fabric’s commercial value.

The Ankara fabric is affordable, versatile and fun. In the past, the fabric was reserved as aso ebi for weddings and other ceremonial events, and while the Ankara designs were spectacular, it was however tough for the piece to be worn afterwards.

Right now, the target of many fashion houses is to create Ankara designs that attract buyers from all walks of life, and many brands have succeeded with this approach. The latest Ankara styles are dynamic and eclectic and you can find a look suitable for every casual and formal event.

We’ve curated some of the most interesting Ankara styles by designers you can be inspired by.

Check out the most trending Ankara designs we’re currently crushing on…

Formal FAB! 







Casual Chic















Lavie by CK

ankara designs 2019 style rave


Rich Factory

Becca Apparel

Wild Kulture

SGTC by Détóké

latest ankara designs 2019 style rave 2

Chen Burkett


Chidinma Ekile

If you have been nursing the desire to stand out at your next event then one of these looks, all spotted in 2019, will do the trick. Also, if you’re looking to let your sleeves do most of the talking, the options here present a variety of gorgeous sleeve designs. Agreed, Chidinma’s look is quite grand and may compete with the bride’s but she gets a pass as the star girl she is.

Artistic Elegance






Simplistic Elegance.




Chinenye Ubah via @glammeprobeauty






Photo Credit: IG |As Captioned


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