The Influencer-Approved Guide To Styling T-Shirts Effortlessly

The T-shirt is a staple in every man’s closet. Its versatility and relative inexpensiveness mean it can be worn in countless ways and in almost any situation, except when there’s a strict formal dress code.

Its versatility isn’t legendary for nothing; it can be dressed up, down or in-between. It’s a blank canvas around which you can build any look. But that range presents a wide margin for error – misjudge its fit or what you wear it with and you end up looking unpleasant.

we believe that every man should at least own the basics when it comes to T-shirts. With a variety of colours and styles available to you, it’s easy to get a little side-tracked when you’re in the market for a fresh tee. That’s why you need a guide to styling T-Shirts.

White, grey, black and navy are the easiest colours to team with multiple looks. With the potential to wear them on their own or layer them up for a banging seasonal look – no matter what the weather, the T-shirt always shows up and shows out in top style.

With all that said the rules for wearing T-shirts are simple yet tricky. Start with the basic colours mentioned earlier and you’ll be able to pair them with just about anything from jackets to knitwear to blazers. Once you’ve mastered that you can start playing around with prints, patterns, detailing and texture to really personalize your T-shirt style.

Here’s a guide to styling T-shirts effortlessly…

1. Plain tees

Guide to Styling T-shirts


Plain t-shirts are the easiest for men of any age to pull off. There are t-shirts in solid colours that are reliable in pairing with just about everything. On their own, they already look sharp, especially during warmer seasons.

Layer them up during the colder days and you have a whole new wardrobe to play with. If you’re uncertain on how to pair your T-shirt, go with white first and rock them with blue, black or stone washed jeans. It’s casual and cool and that’s the exact look you should be going for.

You can also pair them with bomber jackets, denim jackets or cardigans. Plain tees work with a number of shoes from casual sneakers to leather boots and everything in between.

2. Printed T-shirts

Guide to Styling T-shirts

Tobi Bakre

Printed t-shirts follow the same rules as the plain t-shirt but they’re a step up in terms of giving your look a bit more character. Whether it’s a graphic tee or a tee from a brand, the idea is the keep it subtle, letting it enhance your look without dominating it. 

3. Striped tees

Guide to Styling T-shirts

Timini Egbuson

Striped tees are not the same as printed T-shirts because their geometric shapes put them in an entirely different category. Striped tees have been popular amongst the more stylish men of the world. Given their pattern, the most important rule is to always pair striped tees with solid coloured bottoms like black or blue denim, non-patterned chinos or plain trousers. The reason behind this is in the lines – you never want clashing lines in your look.

4. Long sleeve T-shirts

Guide to Styling T-shirts


When the days get colder the sleeves get longer. The fit is of great importance when it comes to long sleeve T-shirts due to the extra material you’re working with. The basic colour rule for plain tees applies here with white, greys, blacks and navy tones.

Those after a bit more details can opt for a striped long sleeve T-shirt. We’d avoid complex prints on long sleeve T-shirts and opt for shirts with texture for added character.

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